Compact Slip Ring

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  1. High Frequency Slip Ring

    Product Features
    • It Can Be Easily Harmonized With Optical Fiber
    • Used As Essential Parts Of Electrical Coaxial Cable
    • Low Frequency Current
    • Free From Maintenance Charge
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  2. Compact Slip Ring Capsules

    Product Features:
    • High transmission speed
    • Utilization in different industries
    • Up to 56 circuits
    • Speed up to 300RPM
    • Electrical Noise<0.01Ω
    • Long life

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  3. Low Frequency Slip Ring

    Product Features
    • Long Service Life
    • Compatible With Different Environment
    • Working Environments Like Low Temperature, High Temperature And More.
    • Have Solid Body And Precise Dimension
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  4. Through Bore Slip Rings

    Product Features
    • Size -  54 X 38.6-80
    • Voltage - 240VAC/DC
    • Speed Up To 500RPM
    • No Maintenance Charge
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